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yelp-review-trackers1-2-300x150Stacy L.
Charleston, SC

“Stopped here on our way out of Northwood’s Mall Friday. We were seated immediately, which was nice.

Waitress came, took our drink orders and returned immediately. We did do hibachi, so we had to wait another 10 minutes or so for them to seat another party. A total of 8 of us at the table, with enough room to eat.

Glancing at the menu at first, you’ll see it’s moderately priced, but once you are served, you’ll see its worth it. Our waitress came and took our orders, brought soup and salad while we were waiting on the chef and in about 20 minutes the chef was there. The menu does say soup or salad, but you get both which is the norm for Japanese steakhouses. The ginger dressing is delicious. Miso soup is lacking, (although I’m spoiled by my Grandma’s homemade Miso soup) and the clear soup is the standard you get most places.

Marlon (sp?), our chef was a blast. Very entertaining and prepared some of the best hibachi food I’ve had from coast to coast. The shrimp was cooked perfectly with garlic and butter with a hibachi touch. My husband’s steak was cooked medium and delicious, not dry at all and tender. The chicken was chicken breast! I loathe getting dark meat at a hibachi grill. The vegetables were seasoned perfectly with soy sauce, grilled nice a crisp. Onions, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and zucchini. Rice was great. Seasoned with salt, pepper, sesame seeds and just enough soy sauce…served in big blocks on our plates it was more than enough!

We had a great experience. The restaurant was clean. Staff was great. Manager came through after and chatted with us, made sure we were satisfied. Portion sizes are generous. We found our new favorite hibachi restaurant. We didn’t do sushi, but will try next time!”